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quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2009

Porquê fazer um Plano de Negócio

Why should you make a business plan, unless you want to use it to get funding?

There are plenty of other reasons. In fact, the business plan can be a very useful instrument for the entrepreneur in 3 phases:
1. opportunity assessment
2. resource gathering
3. market launching

1. opportunity assessment
Have a business idea but not sure if it is "the one"? Write down the essentials: describe the opportunity, the business model, the sales and cost projections, the investment plan... Then read it and evaluate the ups and downs of the "proto-project".

2. resource gathering
If you need to get funding, the business plan is a must, even though it is a bad sale instrument. You need other instruments to sell the project.
The business plan is essential to build your credibility and to evidence the project's strong points. It can, therefore be helpfull in gathering resources other than money, especially key people

3. market launching
The business plan can also be a big help when the startup hits the market.
First of all, if you have a business plan, you made a lot of previous preparation and planning. Therefore, you will have a better chance of succeeding.
Second, you have a plan! A strategy. So follow it.
Third, you have objectives and targets. So control them regularly and adjust your strategy accordingly.

So my opinion is clear: a business plan is a must for any entrepreneur, even if you don't need external funding.

4 comentários:

Nelson Anastácio disse...

I agree, where can I found some examples to use for my own?
Thks in adv

Letters from Brasil disse...

I also agree, this is a great little article you have put together. As Nelson had requested, are there resources you have come across to help with the development of a business plan? I am currently teaching english privately in sao paulo and online (via skype / msn).

would love to find resources that could help define and promote what I have to offer more efficiently. thanks.

Julio disse...

Short but great article .

Nowadays business plan is a key tool to assess the viability of the project as well as a great support to assure the proper follow up and adjustment anytime according to it's evolution .

Good planning prevents poor presentation / results ,even considering the speed of the market and the changes we will face thru it's implementation .

Business plan is definatelly a great instrument for any entrepeneur to take decisions .

Julio disse...

For some examples and templates take a look at .

Hope can help .